In many cases, concrete roofing are not cleaned very often, and in the rare instance that they do get cleaned, it is often only when the need to re-seal or repaint them is called for.


Choosing Quality Concrete Roof Tiles

There are many manufacturers of concrete roof tiles, and choosing which among them to patronize can be a challenge. Remember that roofing is an expensive investment, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth by buying only quality concrete tiles that will last you for many years to come. When you choose the wrong manufacturer or roofing contractor, you’re going to end up with a poorly performing roof that will give you headaches – for many years to come.


Concrete Roof Tiles Deteriorate Over Time

However, even concrete roof tiles of high quality do deteriorate over time. This may be caused by accidental damages like tree branches falling on roofs, or by normal wear and tear. Concrete tiles are supposed to be hard and durable, especially after it cures and hardens. The general idea is that concrete tiles will take about twelve months from date of manufacture to completely cure, so before buying and having concrete tiles installed, be sure that they are of the right curing age. When they are installed before they are completely cured, they may result in structural defects, and although these defects may not be obvious during the earlier years after installation, they will definitely manifest themselves in the years to follow. In many cases, this will require roof restorations practices in order to protect and preserve them and the whole roofing structure.


Temperature and Oxidation

Temperatures also play a role in the longevity and structural soundness of concrete tiles. In general, good quality concrete tiles will be able to withstand 120 degrees of surface temperature, and though the regular temperatures 30 degrees, roofs still take a beating from the sun’s heat. The effect of acid rain will further add to the damage and render concrete roofs in need of roof restorations.

In the long run, the surface of concrete tiles will oxidize and leave behind the sand components of the tiles exposed. This results to powdery substances that wash away during heavy rains, or become eroded over time. What’s worse is that these powdery substances gets washed into the roof’s gutters, and therefore causing blockages or water damming that can lead to a whole lot of other roofing problems.

It is therefore important to have concrete roofs restored whenever possible. This does not only ensure that your concrete roof looks good, but it also helps to ensure that you will have a beautiful, functional roof for years to come. If you are in need of roof restorations services, feel free to get in touch with us at 1800 61 00 11 or leave a message in our contact page.

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