How Do You Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal? By Staying on Top of Your Roof Cleaning Needs


Roof Cleaning


Your house’s exteriors are the very first things that your neighbours, and every other passer-by sees whenever they pass in front of it. It’s the first thing that your visitors and guest will see as well when they stop in front of your house during a visit. Suffice to say that your house’s exteriors will have a huge impact on their first impression of your property and you. As such, it is only right that you do everything within your capacity to maintain your property’s aesthetics.

There are many different ways to improve your house’s exterior appeal – you can have the walls painted, work on the lawn and landscaping, and several other things. But one of the most important thing that homeowners usually forget (or ignore) is their roof – yes, your roof forms part of your house’s exteriors, and will thus need some attention as well during your ‘home improvement’ project. Needless to say, regular roof cleaning should be part of your roof’s maintenance.

One of the things that can negatively affect the appearance of your roof is the growth of algae. As they grow, they tend to spread throughout the whole roof forming patches or streaks of black here and there. Such markings on your roof will definitely make it very obvious that roof cleaning is not the priority of the homeowner, whether it be because of lack of time or simply because of gross negligence. Either way, a dirty and unsightly roof, as is often the case, a reflection of the homeowner’s dedication to keeping and maintaining the curb appeal of not only his or her roof but of the whole property as well – which is this case is nil.

Some people worry that acquiring the services of a professional roof cleaning company is rather expensive, but in the contrary, not only is the said service affordable, but it will also help the homeowner save on expensive roofing services (i.e. roof replacement) in the long run. If you have your roof regularly cleaned and maintained, you can eliminate the growth of algae whose roots burrow into the shingles or tiles and weaken them. Suffice to say that with roof cleaning, you are not only improving your home’s aesthetics, but you’re also improving its longevity.

If you notice any algae growth on your roof, or see signs that your roof needs a thorough cleaning, then act fast before they ruin your roof’s and your home’s curb appeal. Let us know if you need our help by calling us at 1800 61 00 11. You can also get in touch with us through our contact page for all your roof restoration needs.

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