Colorbond roof replacement / metal roof replacement

Servicing the Hawkesbury, Hills, Nepean and Blue Mountains regions.


Australia has the highest UV exposure in the world and with such dramatic variations in climate; not having the right roofing material can be detrimental to your biggest asset….your family home.

Colorbond is durable, strong, secure and energy efficient. It is tried and tested to Australian conditions and offers you consistent performance for many years to come.

Colorbond offers a range of stylish, heat reflective colours and finishes to really compliment your home. To see the Colorbond colour range click here:

There are currently two thicknesses in metal available, .42mm and .48mm, along with the introduction of Anticon.

Anticon is a lightweight foil faced insulation blanket which is specifically designed to provide many benefits to your home.

Features and Benefits

– Keeps home cooler in summer

– Prevents heat loss in winter

– Reduces rain noise/exterior noise reduction

– Provides effective condensation control

– Reduces overall building energy usage


Anticon comes in a range of thicknesses between 55mm to 130mm with your standard being R1.3.


HRG offer the following roofing services:


– Old galvanized iron re-roofed to Colorbond

– Asbestos re-roofed to Colorbond

– Cement or Terracotta tile roofing converted to Colorbond


To find out how Colorbond can offer a large number of benefits and for a no obligation free quote from one of our trusted roofing experts, complete our online form or phone 1800 61 0011 today.