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When was the last time you took a close look at your roof?

The fact that your ceiling doesn’t leak on rainy days doesn’t mean your roof is safe, or that it’s effective. Without constant maintenance, old roofing can easily become a safety hazard – no matter how many layers of paint or silicone you put on it, you’re still living under a potential breeding ground of mold, mildew or even termites!

A top-to-bottom roof restoration comes with a sizable price tag. However, any reliable expert will suggest some reasonable payment options. The best Australian roofing companies even offer interest-free financing.

Plus, chances are that you’ve been majorly overpaying for heating and air conditioning over the past few years. Your utility bill savings may actually be greater than your monthly roof restoration payments.


So, are you taking a close look at your roof yet?

Before jumping to drastic conclusions, you should get in touch with an expert to discuss all of your options. But first, here are some tell-tale signs you can identify on your own:

1. Thriller Attic

The inside of your attic shouldn’t look like a scene from a bad scary movie. Your roof needs an overhaul if you see:

  • Sagging, deformed roof-deck parts;
  • Black, brown or green circles and/or trails;
  • Wet/leaking areas;

2. Granule Migration

Those tiny round granules happen to be an essential part in the weatherproofing of any shingle-based roofing structure. Without them, heat would freely flow into and out of your home, making temperature regulation nearly impossible.

You may not be able to gauge whether there’s a sufficient amount of granules on your rooftop, so get on a ladder and take a look inside of your horizontal gutters. Since granules are denser than most debris, the ones that fall off their shingles end up inside those drainage pipes.

*Skip this step if you don’t have a ladder handy. Only trained professionals should walk on top of a roof, especially one that should probably be replaced.

3. Shingle Mayhem

Below are six things that should never be wrong with a roof shingle. (If less than 20% of yours fit the description, minor repairs and roof painting may be sufficient.)

  1. Buckled or ‘melted’ rows
  2. Missing/broken shingles
  3. Lack of granules
  4. Curling at the edges
  5. Bald (discolored) patches
  6. Loose and, as such, fully visible

4. It’s Just Your Roof’s Time

True craftsmanship is hard to find these days but, when it comes to construction materials, we’re glad that “they don’t build ‘em like they used to.” If your roof was installed 20 or more years ago, you shouldn’t wait for it to start leaking. Instead, replace your shingles with modern ones or switch to a metal or plastic covers. Metal isn’t as visually attractive but it’s less expensive and more durable. Instead of annually replacing shingles, you’ll just need some routine roof painting done every 2-3 years.



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