Roof Cleaning: 3 Things to Remember

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Regular roof cleaning and maintenance is important to keep your roof as well as your home in good shape for years and years. When it comes to roof restorations, remember that in addition to services such as roof painting and roof repairs, roof cleaning is also an important part of restorations. Any type of roofing can start deteriorating because of the accumulation of waste, algae and dirt on it.  This can eventually damage your roof; thus, compromising the integrity of your home.

Therefore, to avoid costly roof repairs and replacement, opting for roof cleaning at regular intervals is very essential. A trusted roof restoration company, such as RestoraRoof, can provide you top-notch roof cleaning services with cutting-edge tools and proven techniques. They will make your roof brand new again within no time at all. Let’s have a look at some effective ways professionals use to clean your roof.


Effective Methods for Roof Cleaning

The method of roof cleaning suitable for your particular roof depends on the type of your roof and roofing problems you might be facing. For instance black patches caused by algae can be removed by several methods. Pressure washing is an effective option for you if you have tiled or metal roof. On the other hand, chemical washing is suitable for almost all types of roofing. Chemical washing is done with the help of chlorine or sodium hydroxide solutions.

Let’s have a look at some important things you should keep in mind if you’ve decided to infuse a new life into your roof with roof cleaning services.

  1. Choose a trusted roof cleaning company: Remember that the final results depend on the skills and experience of roof cleaning Make sure that they have all the latest tools, cleaning products and techniques to accomplish the job with perfection.
  1. Roof cleaning is affordable: Roof cleaning services offered by reliable companies such as RestoraRoof are quite affordable. Getting these services on regular basis also ensures that you won’t have to spend huge money on roof repairs or replacement any time soon.
  1. Importance of Roof inspections: There are certain roof problems, such as algae growth that may not be visible some times. So, it’s important to carry out roof inspections with the help of experts at regular intervals. Since prevention is always better than cure, roofing professionals will also advise you on some effective preventive measures to can avoid a number of roofing issues in future too.


For more information on roof cleaning and other roof restoration services, get in touch with RestoraRoof today!

Roof Restorations for Concrete Roof Tiles

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In many cases, concrete roofing are not cleaned very often, and in the rare instance that they do get cleaned, it is often only when the need to re-seal or repaint them is called for.


Choosing Quality Concrete Roof Tiles

There are many manufacturers of concrete roof tiles, and choosing which among them to patronize can be a challenge. Remember that roofing is an expensive investment, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth by buying only quality concrete tiles that will last you for many years to come. When you choose the wrong manufacturer or roofing contractor, you’re going to end up with a poorly performing roof that will give you headaches – for many years to come.


Concrete Roof Tiles Deteriorate Over Time

However, even concrete roof tiles of high quality do deteriorate over time. This may be caused by accidental damages like tree branches falling on roofs, or by normal wear and tear. Concrete tiles are supposed to be hard and durable, especially after it cures and hardens. The general idea is that concrete tiles will take about twelve months from date of manufacture to completely cure, so before buying and having concrete tiles installed, be sure that they are of the right curing age. When they are installed before they are completely cured, they may result in structural defects, and although these defects may not be obvious during the earlier years after installation, they will definitely manifest themselves in the years to follow. In many cases, this will require roof restorations practices in order to protect and preserve them and the whole roofing structure.


Temperature and Oxidation

Temperatures also play a role in the longevity and structural soundness of concrete tiles. In general, good quality concrete tiles will be able to withstand 120 degrees of surface temperature, and though the regular temperatures 30 degrees, roofs still take a beating from the sun’s heat. The effect of acid rain will further add to the damage and render concrete roofs in need of roof restorations.

In the long run, the surface of concrete tiles will oxidize and leave behind the sand components of the tiles exposed. This results to powdery substances that wash away during heavy rains, or become eroded over time. What’s worse is that these powdery substances gets washed into the roof’s gutters, and therefore causing blockages or water damming that can lead to a whole lot of other roofing problems.

It is therefore important to have concrete roofs restored whenever possible. This does not only ensure that your concrete roof looks good, but it also helps to ensure that you will have a beautiful, functional roof for years to come. If you are in need of roof restorations services, feel free to get in touch with us at 1800 61 00 11 or leave a message in our contact page.

4 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Roof Needs to Be Replaced

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When was the last time you took a close look at your roof?

The fact that your ceiling doesn’t leak on rainy days doesn’t mean your roof is safe, or that it’s effective. Without constant maintenance, old roofing can easily become a safety hazard – no matter how many layers of paint or silicone you put on it, you’re still living under a potential breeding ground of mold, mildew or even termites!

A top-to-bottom roof restoration comes with a sizable price tag. However, any reliable expert will suggest some reasonable payment options. The best Australian roofing companies even offer interest-free financing.

Plus, chances are that you’ve been majorly overpaying for heating and air conditioning over the past few years. Your utility bill savings may actually be greater than your monthly roof restoration payments.


So, are you taking a close look at your roof yet?

Before jumping to drastic conclusions, you should get in touch with an expert to discuss all of your options. But first, here are some tell-tale signs you can identify on your own:

1. Thriller Attic

The inside of your attic shouldn’t look like a scene from a bad scary movie. Your roof needs an overhaul if you see:

  • Sagging, deformed roof-deck parts;
  • Black, brown or green circles and/or trails;
  • Wet/leaking areas;

2. Granule Migration

Those tiny round granules happen to be an essential part in the weatherproofing of any shingle-based roofing structure. Without them, heat would freely flow into and out of your home, making temperature regulation nearly impossible.

You may not be able to gauge whether there’s a sufficient amount of granules on your rooftop, so get on a ladder and take a look inside of your horizontal gutters. Since granules are denser than most debris, the ones that fall off their shingles end up inside those drainage pipes.

*Skip this step if you don’t have a ladder handy. Only trained professionals should walk on top of a roof, especially one that should probably be replaced.

3. Shingle Mayhem

Below are six things that should never be wrong with a roof shingle. (If less than 20% of yours fit the description, minor repairs and roof painting may be sufficient.)

  1. Buckled or ‘melted’ rows
  2. Missing/broken shingles
  3. Lack of granules
  4. Curling at the edges
  5. Bald (discolored) patches
  6. Loose and, as such, fully visible

4. It’s Just Your Roof’s Time

True craftsmanship is hard to find these days but, when it comes to construction materials, we’re glad that “they don’t build ‘em like they used to.” If your roof was installed 20 or more years ago, you shouldn’t wait for it to start leaking. Instead, replace your shingles with modern ones or switch to a metal or plastic covers. Metal isn’t as visually attractive but it’s less expensive and more durable. Instead of annually replacing shingles, you’ll just need some routine roof painting done every 2-3 years.



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Roof Guttering Basics: Causes of Clogged Gutters

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Wondering why your roof guttering gets clogged pretty often? Here are two reasons to clear up the mystery.


Tree Leaves and Twigs

Perhaps the most obvious reason why roof gutters become clogged is because of tree leaves and twigs. Having trees in your yard or lawn is really appealing, but they’re not very friendly to roof gutters. And the nearer the trees are to your gutters, the higher the chances of your gutters becoming clogged. Every year, trees shed leaves, and though most of these will fall to the ground, a good number of them will find their way to your gutters and downspouts. If your property has a flat roof, then you may notice that the clogging becomes more frequent.

Being organic materials, leaves and twigs absorb and retain moisture for a longer period of time. In this case, they can cause severe damage to your roof guttering, especially if they’re made from metal. Their weight may also cause some stress on the gutter, making it heavy and prone to breaking. In addition, they clump together and provide a nice breeding ground for mold and algae. In addition, pests, worms, and even birds may find these places suitable habitat, and they will eventually make the clogging worse over time.


Improperly Designed or Installed Downspouts

Another reason why roof gutters become clogged is because of improperly designed downspouts. This is why it is important to have your roof guttering installed by a skilled and knowledgeable contractor. When roof guttering is improperly installed, they can trap leaves, twigs, and other debris which block the normal flow of water. This then causes the water to dam, and the accumulated weight of the water and the debris will eventually wreak havoc to your roof guttering. In addition, trapped water will eventually have to find a way out, and though they may simply overflow from the roof guttering, there is a very high chance that they will seep into the nearby walls and thus cause structural damage to your property in the long run.


Stay on Top of Your Roof Guttering Needs

Roof guttering play a crucial role in maintaining your property’s structural integrity since they are responsible for bringing away water from the roof and away from your home or establishment. Without them, water will end up causing damage to your property, resulting to costly repairs. There are many ways to make sure that your roof guttering is able to do perform its function well. One, have them installed only by professional roofing contractors, and two, be sure to have them cleaned every once in a while. If you are looking for roof cleaning, roof restorations or even gutter replacement services, please don’t’ hesitate to give us a call at 1800 61 00 11 or leave a message in our contact page.



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Even Small Leaks Need Immediate Roof Repairs

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A leaky roof is one of the most common issues that many property owners often have to deal with. However, since many of the leaks can be considered as ‘minor’ disturbances – something that happens only occasionally and can be temporarily fixed with a bucket – homeowners usually tend to simply ignore them. However, there are certain reasons why this seemingly minute problem deserves immediate roof repairs.


Damage to Wooden Structures

Water can find its way into your homes through holes and cracks in your roof. When it does, it can seep through the beams and roof framings, and even drip down to the attic floor. This then causes the wooden structures therein to soak up the water, and when left unchecked, can lead to wood rot which eventually leads to a weaker structure. This may run unnoticed for some time, until the wood starts to sag or bow, and when you do notice them, the only solution would be very expensive roof repairs –repairs which could be prevented through regular roof maintenance.


Damage to Insulation

Homes have insulation installed to help regulate the temperature in the house. However, constant exposure to water coming through the leaks will cause the insulation to clump, and therefore lose its effectiveness by letting the warm air escape easily (or the cold air as the case may be). This then results to higher utility bills, as you make use of your heaters and air conditioning units more and more frequently.


Mold Growth

Mold and mildew thrive in moist and dark places such as the attic, and they can grow and populate the whole place over time. They can thrive on the wet decking and framings, as well as the clumped insulation. This is a rather serious issue, and one that must be taken cared of right away, since some species of mold and mildew are known to cause several health related issues such as triggering asthma attacks. Please avoid attempting to clean these yourselves, especially if you are suffering from any respiratory issues, and instead call a roof cleaning and roof repairs professional to effectively clean it for you.


Fire and Electrocution Hazard

Certain electrical wirings run through the attic, ceilings or walls – sections of the home where water can easily find their way into through the leaks. When these electrical wirings have damaged insulation, the water can easily short circuit the wires and start a fire. In addition, even if the wire’s insulation isn’t damaged, the water will simply continue to run, and over time may find itself in a junction box where there are certainly exposed wires. Again, please refrain from trying to repair this yourself as you run the risk of being electrocuted.


Avoid These Problems by Getting Your Roof Fixed Today

Considering the above, roof leaks aren’t as minor issues as they first appear to be. When left unattended, they can lead to a range of structural damage to your property, and even put your health and safety at risk. These problems can easily be avoided by taking a proactive approach and dealing with roof leaks right away. If you are in need of roof repair services for leaks and other roof problems, or are in need of roof restorations and similar services, please feel free to get in touch with us at 1800 61 00 11 or leave us a message in our contact page.


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Gutter Replacement: Commonly Asked Questions

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When it comes to maintaining the structural integrity of your home, it pays to follow some simple care and maintenance procedures to always keep it in good shape. For instance investing in quality roof restorations is a great way to increase the lifespan of your roof. Types of roof restorations which you’ll need are largely dependent on several factors such as your roofing material, type of damage incurred and the age of your roof, among others.

Generally speaking, the older the roof, more important it is to repair or replace the worn out components. In the absence of timely repairs or replacements, seemingly minor defects can lead to major complications which can result in expensive repairs. One of the most important components in any roof is the rain gutter. They need special attention so that gutter replacement or repair specialists can be called upon to rectify the problem before it becomes too late.


When do you need gutter replacement?

Most homeowners do not pay much attention to the rain gutters. This may be due to the fact that rain gutters are usually very durable and rarely need repairs. However, they are still susceptible to damage caused by external elements. With normal wear and tear over the years, gutters can become cracked, clogged or warped. This is the time when you should contact professional services for gutter replacement and roof restorations without wasting any time.


What exactly is the purpose of rain gutters?

The basic purpose of rain gutters is to channel away the rain water from the roof. So, these gutters play a vital role in preventing the mould growth and issues arising from water damage. If you think that you need gutter replacement for your damaged gutters, hiring a professional company specialising in roof restorations is the best option for you.


Why should you a hire professional gutter replacement service?

One of the advantages of hiring a trusted roof restorations company, such as RestoraRoof, is the invaluable expertise and experience they bring to the job. Professionals won’t just provide you flawless results, but their services and the components they install come with a quality guarantee.

Always pay attention to the gutters in your roof, and whenever you find them leaking, cracking or warping, make sure to contact a roof restoration specialist immediately to prevent any further water damage. To know more about choosing the best roof restoration services for your needs, feel free to contact RestoraRoof today!



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Extend the Life of Your Roof with Professional Roof Restorations Services


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Our roofs are without a doubt one of the most essential components of our homes. They play the crucial role of protecting us from the harsh sun and unforgiving rains and many other outdoor elements. Aside from this, great looking and well-maintained roofs help to increase our homes’ curb appeal and its market value. For all these reasons, it is only right that we do everything we can to help preserve and even improve the state of our roofs. There are actually a lot of things that we can do to achieve this purpose, one of which is by getting professional roof restorations services when the need arises.


Extending the Life of Your Roof with Professional Roof Restorations Services

A well-constructed and maintained roof will generally have very long service life, some reaching several decades before needing any repair or replacement. However, like all things though, even roofs suffer from damage and will need some repairs over time. These damages are commonly brought about by the roof’s constant exposure to the sun, rain, wind, and other weather factors. However, aside from these, there are several other things that can affect a roof’s appearance and structural integrity, like the spread of moss or lichen for instance, the roots of which can penetrate through the roof tile or shingles. These also hold moisture and keep your roof exposed to water for a long time.

By hiring a professional roof restorations contractor, you can help to preserve your roof’s appearance and structural integrity. These professionals have the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to do the job properly and effectively. Sure, you can just grab a ladder and scrub your roof yourself, but you may find that the time and effort you spend will not compensate for the amount of money you spend. Plus, there’s the safety issue that you need to consider, and there’s also the chance that you can do more harm than good to your roof if you decide to DIY this project. Considering the hospital bills and the further repair that you may need to have done to your roof, you would be able to save a significant amount of money if you leave this task to the hands of the pros.


Protect Your Roof with Professional Roof Restorations Services

As was mentioned, our roofs perform the job of protecting us and our family from the outside elements, and it’s time that we give back the same protection that it offers. If you are in need of roof restorations services, roof painting, or any other roof-related service, please feel free to give us a call at 1800 610 011 or drop us a message in our contact page. We have our friendly and knowledgeable staff on standby and ready to answer any question you may have about our services.


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Professional Roof Cleaning Need Not Cost You Much

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Dirt and grime buildup on the roof can negatively impact the aesthetic value of your home. All the fallen leaves and twigs, moss and mold growth, and even your kids’ baseball all add up to one unsightly mess that needs to be cleaned – and cleaned fast! Of course, there’s always the option for you to do it yourself – after all, all you need is a ladder and a broom (how hard can that be) – or you can save yourself from exhaustion and the risk of falling by leaving the job to the hands of a professional roof cleaning company.


Finding a Reliable yet Affordable Roof Cleaning Company

One of the things that prevent many homeowners from availing the service of a professional roof cleaner is the cost. With the rising costs of almost everything, the last thing you’d want to do is to pay for service that you can do for yourself. However, there are certainly many benefits to hiring a professional roof cleaner, and fortunately nowadays, this particular service need not cost you much. With a little research, you can find a professional roof cleaning company who can provide you with excellent services at very affordable rates.

Gone are the days when there were still very few roof cleaning companies in our area. During those times, because of the scarcity of professionals and companies who offer such service, it is but natural for charges to, say, ‘go through the roof.’ However, with the growing number of such companies today, many of them are trying to gain an edge over their competitors, and one way they do this is by offering lower rates. Suffice to say that this practice snowballed and soon almost everyone is offering discounts and promos or totally modified their price lists.

As a smart customer though, you do not want to simply go for the company who provides you with the lowest quote. In addition, it is always a better decision to choose a roof cleaning company who have ‘reasonable’ – as opposed to ‘cheap’ – prices. Remember that this is your roof and your home we’re talking about, and you’ll want to make sure that you hand the job over to a professional who will not only clean your roof but also preserve its appeal and structural integrity. Thus, you’ll want a roof cleaning company who offers affordable prices, but will not compromise on the quality and workmanship of the task.


Are You Looking for a Professional Roof Cleaning Company?

If you are looking for such a contractor for your roof cleaning, roof repair, or roof restorations needs, do feel free to give us a call at 1800 6100 11 or leave us a message in our contact page – we’d be more than happy to assist you with all your roofing needs.


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Roof restorations: Make your roof new again with professional roof cleaning services

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The exterior of your home is the part that makes the first impression on people, and you have to do all you can to make sure that this impression is positive. One of the best ways of doing that is by ensuring that you have a clean and good-looking roof. Roof restorations and roof cleaning services are some of the best ways to keep your roof in tip-top condition for years and years. After all, having the right roof can go a long way in making your home much better. Not only does it look good, it also makes the home safer, and more energy efficient.

Why You Need Roof Cleaning Services?

In order to ascertain that your home remains safe, you have to make sure that the roof is cleaned often, and also conduct roof restorations whenever you notice any defect in the roofing. Affordable services, such as roof cleaning and repairs, are essential to make sure that all your roofing problems are addressed in a timely manner. The fact that the roof is one of the most exposed components of a house to the elements, you might face a number of problems, starting from dirt and moss on your roof, to leaks, broken tiles and lack of sealing, to name a few. This could lead to a number of serious complications. In extreme cases, this may even let water and elements right into your house, and make your heating/cooling systems obsolete within the house. Moreover, having growth on the roofs can be extremely dangerous as it can lead to a number of health problems.

Benefits of Professional Roof Cleaning Services:

You will not have to face any of these problems if you seek help from trusted roofing specialists, such as RestoraRoof in Australia. Roofing Experts can also provide you with superbly effective roof cleaning services. It is very crucial for the homeowners to make sure that their roof looks presentable, and without any unwanted growth on it. Roof cleaning does not take a long time, and it is a simple and safe process that will restore your roof to its former glory.

Roof restorations and cleaning is a small investment you can make frequently- and it’s completely worth it, as it will make sure that your home and family remains safe from the weather elements. To know more about how roof restorations and roof cleaning services can help you restore your roofing to its original condition, contact RestoraRoof today!

Importance and Benefits of Roof Restorations Services

roof painting

It’s of utmost importance to make sure that the roof over your head stays put, so that your safety is not compromised. Like the other parts of your house, your roof also requires frequent care and repairs in order to make sure that it is in the best possible condition. With some professional roof restorations and roof painting services, you will be able to ensure that all the problems with your roof are rectified on time. This is also a cost-effective way to increase the lifespan of your roof by many more years.

Roof Restorations: Why Do You Need Them?

Your roof remains at the mercy of the elements throughout the year, and it faces a lot of damage from the wind, sun and the rain. Many a times, it becomes victim to the ravages of time. As a result of this, there might be a number of problems on your roofs- ranging from broken ridge caps, to leaks, to presence of moss and lichen and other growths. When getting roof restorations done from trusted roofing experts, such as RestoraRoof, you can get all these issues fixed within no time, so that the integrity of the structure is not compromised, and you can continue to be safe within your own house.

By repairing your roofing structure, you are not just preventing leaks and ensuring your safety, you are making your home more valuable and energy efficient. The right fixes and the right coat of paint can certainly make a huge difference.

How Trusted Roof Painting Services Can Help You?

The right roofing paints can help protect the roof from the elements, and provide necessary UV protection. Roof painting can also prevent the growth of lichen and moss on the roofs. Depending on the kind of house you are living in, and other specifications and needs, you can choose from proven roof painting solutions such as liquid rubber paint, clear glaze sealers and acrylic sealers. Roof painting is one of the best investments you can make for your home. Not only will it last a long time, it will make your house a better place to live in.

RestoraRoof is Australia’s most trusted provider of all types of roof restorations and roof painting services. Contact RestoraRoof today and get a free quote for any of the services you need for your roof.