Roof Cleaning: 3 Things to Remember

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Regular roof cleaning and maintenance is important to keep your roof as well as your home in good shape for years and years. When it comes to roof restorations, remember that in addition to services such as roof painting and roof repairs, roof cleaning is also an important part of restorations. Any type of roofing can start deteriorating because of the accumulation of waste, algae and dirt on it.  This can eventually damage your roof; thus, compromising the integrity of your home.

Therefore, to avoid costly roof repairs and replacement, opting for roof cleaning at regular intervals is very essential. A trusted roof restoration company, such as RestoraRoof, can provide you top-notch roof cleaning services with cutting-edge tools and proven techniques. They will make your roof brand new again within no time at all. Let’s have a look at some effective ways professionals use to clean your roof.


Effective Methods for Roof Cleaning

The method of roof cleaning suitable for your particular roof depends on the type of your roof and roofing problems you might be facing. For instance black patches caused by algae can be removed by several methods. Pressure washing is an effective option for you if you have tiled or metal roof. On the other hand, chemical washing is suitable for almost all types of roofing. Chemical washing is done with the help of chlorine or sodium hydroxide solutions.

Let’s have a look at some important things you should keep in mind if you’ve decided to infuse a new life into your roof with roof cleaning services.

  1. Choose a trusted roof cleaning company: Remember that the final results depend on the skills and experience of roof cleaning Make sure that they have all the latest tools, cleaning products and techniques to accomplish the job with perfection.
  1. Roof cleaning is affordable: Roof cleaning services offered by reliable companies such as RestoraRoof are quite affordable. Getting these services on regular basis also ensures that you won’t have to spend huge money on roof repairs or replacement any time soon.
  1. Importance of Roof inspections: There are certain roof problems, such as algae growth that may not be visible some times. So, it’s important to carry out roof inspections with the help of experts at regular intervals. Since prevention is always better than cure, roofing professionals will also advise you on some effective preventive measures to can avoid a number of roofing issues in future too.


For more information on roof cleaning and other roof restoration services, get in touch with RestoraRoof today!

Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal

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Roofs play the crucial role of protecting your property, as well as everything underneath it. They are also one of the most expensive sections of a house, and a well-built and high quality roofing can cost quite an investment. This is why you’ll want to make sure that you take care of it in order to avoid costly and unnecessary repairs any time soon, which you can do with regular roof cleaning.


Roof Cleaning and Moss Growth

One of the most common culprit that makes roofs look dirty and unsightly is moss growth. Aside from disrupting your roofs clean and stately appeal, they can also wreak havoc to the structural integrity of your roofs. Although there may be different reasons and ideas as to how moss can damage a roof, one thing is for certain – they’re not good for your roof. Here are some of the most commonly accepted reasons from roof cleaning experts as to why you should get rid of moss on your roof, especially if you have asphalt or shingle roofs.

For one, moss growth can cause shingles to rise. As the moss accumulates and thrives, they turn into large lumps or organic material and thicken. When they do, they cause shingles to rise, even in small degrees, causing an opening in between. These little openings are more than enough to allow rainwater to enter the roofing structure and cause water damage to the beams or other wooden structures. Aside from this, there is also a chance that the raised shingles can be blown away by strong winds. In the case that this happens, you’re going to need to help of roof repair and roof restoration experts to get your roof back in shape.

Secondly, the roots of the moss can damage the shingles themselves. Moss have these tiny roots which they use to find nutrients, and many of these nutrients can be found on shingle roofing. As these roots try to find sources of food, they will work their way into the small pores of the shingles, which then damages the shingles causing them to weaken and eventually break.

Third, moss is very absorbent and can hold significant amounts of water. This can leave your roof water-logged and cause water damage to both the exterior and interior of your roofing structure.

Lastly, moss buildup provide homes for pests and insects that can cause more damage to your roof. Moss often provides food for these organisms, allowing them not only live but also to grow and thrive on your roof.


Get Rid of Moss with Roof Cleaning Services Today

Don’t let moss growth ruin your house’s pleasant look and damage your roofing structure. Get rid of them today with the help of a roof cleaning expert by contacting us at 1800 61 00 11 or by leaving a message in our contact page.



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Benefits of Professional Roof Cleaning Services

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Roof cleaning is an essential part of your home’s upkeep and maintenance, but honestly, how many busy homeowners are privileged with the time and skills necessary to do this task thoroughly and efficiently? Given our hectic lifestyles, it would be a much practical choice to award this job to a trusted and professional roof cleaning company. If you are looking for some other reasons why you should entrust this task to a professional, here we’ll give you three.


Much Safer than Doing It Yourself

The first (and usually the most important) reason why you’ll want to hire the services of a professional roof cleaning contractor to clean your roof is safety. For many, cleaning roofs seem to be a chore that they can do for themselves. The problem with this not everyone have the right equipment necessary to ensure their safety while on top of their roofs. In addition, roofs can be dangerous places. For example, roofs can be really slippery, especially after the rains. Moreover, moss and algae can make the roof even more slippery, increasing the chances of accidents.


Professional Cleaning Services

Professional roof cleaners are also equipped with the tools necessary to ensure that they are able to clean your roofs properly, quickly and efficiently. Roof cleaning requires so much more than a bucket of water and a scrub. There are actually different tools and equipment necessary, including tall ladders, water pressure machines, as well as the right gear and outfit like non-slip boots and others. Ordinary households normally won’t have access to such equipment, but you can be sure that a professional roof cleaning company does.


Prevents Damages to Your Roof

Cleaning a roof properly and thoroughly requires special techniques and strategies – all of which (together with the proper equipment) are necessary in order to ensure that not only will your roof gets cleaned, but more importantly, it will not be damaged during the process. This is an important factor to consider because having a clean roof will be useless if it is damaged. That being said, you will only want to entrust your roof to a highly qualified roof cleaning professional.


Are You in Need of Professional Roof Cleaning Services?

These are some of the most common reasons why it is a better choice to leave roof cleaning jobs to professionals as opposed to doing it yourself. By letting the experts handle the task, you can be rest assured that the job will be performed well and thoroughly, so that you won’t have to worry about your roof again in the near future. If you are looking for roof cleaning or roof restoration service, please feel free to give us a call at 1800 61 00 11. You can also request for a free quote via our contact page.

Professional Roof Cleaning and Roof Guttering Services: All You Need To Know

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Keeping integrity and aesthetics of your home intact can be a daunting task, and if timely maintenance procedures are not followed, it can also mean some huge expenses. A roof is one of the neglected parts of most homes in Australia. If you keep it well maintained with the help of services like roof cleaning and roof guttering, you can save some serious money in the long run apart from ensuring efficient protection to you and your loved ones. When it comes to roof cleaning and maintenance, any inexperienced homeowner can easily feel overwhelmed with questions like – why do I need to clean my roof? What are the best ways to clean roof shingles? Can I do it myself by following some DIY guide or should I hire professional roof cleaning and roof guttering services, and so on?


Reasons to Hire Roof Cleaning and Roof Guttering Services

There are many reasons why homeowners need to keep their roofs in tip top condition. The first benefit of hiring a trusted roof cleaning company is that these services can restore the original appearance of your roof within a very short time, and thereby drastically improve the curb appeal of your home. Whether it’s the unwanted growth of mildew, mould, lichen, roof moss or any superficial blemishes, a simple roof cleaning job can help you get rid of all these problems instantly. In case, you‘re planning on selling your home, these services can help you create a terrific impression on the potential buyers, and can make a world of difference in the resale value of your home.

Cleaning gutters is one of the most complicated cleaning chores in any home. This can even prove to be dangerous for elderly people. If you think that your gutters are clogged and are not performing to their best capacity, professional roof guttering and cleaning services can clean the clogged gutters at very reasonable prices. You can also consider investing in Leaf guard, gutter guard systems. These systems will keep your gutters free from debris without compromising on the efficiency of gutters.

RestoraRoof is one of the leading roof restoration companies in Australia offering a variety of services, ranging from roof cleaning and roof guttering to roof painting, to homeowners and businesses. For more information on choosing the best roof restoration services for your needs, contact RestoraRoof today.


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How Do You Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal? By Staying on Top of Your Roof Cleaning Needs

Roof Cleaning

Your house’s exteriors are the very first things that your neighbours, and every other passer-by sees whenever they pass in front of it. It’s the first thing that your visitors and guest will see as well when they stop in front of your house during a visit. Suffice to say that your house’s exteriors will have a huge impact on their first impression of your property and you. As such, it is only right that you do everything within your capacity to maintain your property’s aesthetics.

There are many different ways to improve your house’s exterior appeal – you can have the walls painted, work on the lawn and landscaping, and several other things. But one of the most important thing that homeowners usually forget (or ignore) is their roof – yes, your roof forms part of your house’s exteriors, and will thus need some attention as well during your ‘home improvement’ project. Needless to say, regular roof cleaning should be part of your roof’s maintenance.

One of the things that can negatively affect the appearance of your roof is the growth of algae. As they grow, they tend to spread throughout the whole roof forming patches or streaks of black here and there. Such markings on your roof will definitely make it very obvious that roof cleaning is not the priority of the homeowner, whether it be because of lack of time or simply because of gross negligence. Either way, a dirty and unsightly roof, as is often the case, a reflection of the homeowner’s dedication to keeping and maintaining the curb appeal of not only his or her roof but of the whole property as well – which is this case is nil.

Some people worry that acquiring the services of a professional roof cleaning company is rather expensive, but in the contrary, not only is the said service affordable, but it will also help the homeowner save on expensive roofing services (i.e. roof replacement) in the long run. If you have your roof regularly cleaned and maintained, you can eliminate the growth of algae whose roots burrow into the shingles or tiles and weaken them. Suffice to say that with roof cleaning, you are not only improving your home’s aesthetics, but you’re also improving its longevity.

If you notice any algae growth on your roof, or see signs that your roof needs a thorough cleaning, then act fast before they ruin your roof’s and your home’s curb appeal. Let us know if you need our help by calling us at 1800 61 00 11. You can also get in touch with us through our contact page for all your roof restoration needs.

Professional Roof Cleaning Need Not Cost You Much

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Dirt and grime buildup on the roof can negatively impact the aesthetic value of your home. All the fallen leaves and twigs, moss and mold growth, and even your kids’ baseball all add up to one unsightly mess that needs to be cleaned – and cleaned fast! Of course, there’s always the option for you to do it yourself – after all, all you need is a ladder and a broom (how hard can that be) – or you can save yourself from exhaustion and the risk of falling by leaving the job to the hands of a professional roof cleaning company.


Finding a Reliable yet Affordable Roof Cleaning Company

One of the things that prevent many homeowners from availing the service of a professional roof cleaner is the cost. With the rising costs of almost everything, the last thing you’d want to do is to pay for service that you can do for yourself. However, there are certainly many benefits to hiring a professional roof cleaner, and fortunately nowadays, this particular service need not cost you much. With a little research, you can find a professional roof cleaning company who can provide you with excellent services at very affordable rates.

Gone are the days when there were still very few roof cleaning companies in our area. During those times, because of the scarcity of professionals and companies who offer such service, it is but natural for charges to, say, ‘go through the roof.’ However, with the growing number of such companies today, many of them are trying to gain an edge over their competitors, and one way they do this is by offering lower rates. Suffice to say that this practice snowballed and soon almost everyone is offering discounts and promos or totally modified their price lists.

As a smart customer though, you do not want to simply go for the company who provides you with the lowest quote. In addition, it is always a better decision to choose a roof cleaning company who have ‘reasonable’ – as opposed to ‘cheap’ – prices. Remember that this is your roof and your home we’re talking about, and you’ll want to make sure that you hand the job over to a professional who will not only clean your roof but also preserve its appeal and structural integrity. Thus, you’ll want a roof cleaning company who offers affordable prices, but will not compromise on the quality and workmanship of the task.


Are You Looking for a Professional Roof Cleaning Company?

If you are looking for such a contractor for your roof cleaning, roof repair, or roof restorations needs, do feel free to give us a call at 1800 6100 11 or leave us a message in our contact page – we’d be more than happy to assist you with all your roofing needs.


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What Are The Benefits Of Professional Roof Restoration Services For Your Home?

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Your roof is one of the first things people are going to notice about your house. A roof is such an integral part of the house. After all, can you imagine living somewhere where there is no roof over your head? It protects you from the elements, and keeps all your possessions safe, while at the same time adding some cosmetic value to your house. It’s up to you to make sure that the roof is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis with the help of professional services, such as roof cleaning and gutter replacement, so that it will perform at its best and last a longer time.

Why conduct roof cleaning?

Roof cleaning is something that should be done on a regular basis, based on your requirement. The roof is going to be exposed to a number of elements from the very first day, and this can have an impact on the structural integrity of the home itself. Moreover, if you do not have regular roof cleaning done, there is a chance that moss and lichen or fungi would start growing on the roof. This could pose significant problems to the health of your family.

Moreover, if you do clean your roof on a regular basis, you will be ensuring that the quality of the roof is retained. This will save you money in the long run, as you will not have to conduct any extensive repairs. However, this means that you should pay attention to the various components of your roof as well- including the gutters.

Why And When To Get Professional Gutter Replacement Services?

The gutter, like other external elements of your house, is exposed to the vagaries of nature, and would have to be cleaned and replaced on a regular basis. You will probably have gutters on the roof of your house as well, so that all the excess water can be removed from the roof. The gutter will have to be cleaned or replaced, so that rust, leaves and other garbage don’t clog up the water flow. The gutter replacement is a simple process, but an important one; but there’s no need to worry. At RestoraRoof, you will get highly experienced professionals who are more than ready to take care of your roof for you!

Roof restorations: Make your roof new again with professional roof cleaning services

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The exterior of your home is the part that makes the first impression on people, and you have to do all you can to make sure that this impression is positive. One of the best ways of doing that is by ensuring that you have a clean and good-looking roof. Roof restorations and roof cleaning services are some of the best ways to keep your roof in tip-top condition for years and years. After all, having the right roof can go a long way in making your home much better. Not only does it look good, it also makes the home safer, and more energy efficient.

Why You Need Roof Cleaning Services?

In order to ascertain that your home remains safe, you have to make sure that the roof is cleaned often, and also conduct roof restorations whenever you notice any defect in the roofing. Affordable services, such as roof cleaning and repairs, are essential to make sure that all your roofing problems are addressed in a timely manner. The fact that the roof is one of the most exposed components of a house to the elements, you might face a number of problems, starting from dirt and moss on your roof, to leaks, broken tiles and lack of sealing, to name a few. This could lead to a number of serious complications. In extreme cases, this may even let water and elements right into your house, and make your heating/cooling systems obsolete within the house. Moreover, having growth on the roofs can be extremely dangerous as it can lead to a number of health problems.

Benefits of Professional Roof Cleaning Services:

You will not have to face any of these problems if you seek help from trusted roofing specialists, such as RestoraRoof in Australia. Roofing Experts can also provide you with superbly effective roof cleaning services. It is very crucial for the homeowners to make sure that their roof looks presentable, and without any unwanted growth on it. Roof cleaning does not take a long time, and it is a simple and safe process that will restore your roof to its former glory.

Roof restorations and cleaning is a small investment you can make frequently- and it’s completely worth it, as it will make sure that your home and family remains safe from the weather elements. To know more about how roof restorations and roof cleaning services can help you restore your roofing to its original condition, contact RestoraRoof today!

Extend Your Roof’s Life and Save Money with Top-Notch Roof Restoration Services

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The roof restoration industry is an extremely competitive one, but what makes RestoraRoof stand out is our passion for what we do. Any roof repairs project, no matter how big or small, comes with its own set of challenges- and these challenges require unique solutions. At RestoraRoof, we are capable of providing our customers with a wide variety of roofing solutions, including roof restorations, roof repairs, roof painting and roof cleaning, whatever the specifications of your roof might be. Since our inception, we have worked alongside industrial, commercial and public building officials, meeting their every demand regarding new constructions, renovations and much more. It can be quite difficult to plan so many different roof repairs projects- but with our help, you’ll certainly be able to finish all your roofing projects satisfactorily, without any delays.


Roofing Products and Services That Deliver Well Above the Industry Standards

RestoraRoof strives to provide you with all the technical support your roof restorations or roof cleaning project needs, from the very first step to the completion and beyond. We will conduct all the necessary analytical testing of your site and your plans, in order to make sure that you only receive the right recommendations from us. Our experts are here to maximize your roof’s performance, so that your roof restorations project can be realized without any problems or hindrance. Professionals at RestoraRoof will conduct a detailed analysis of your proposal and your project to make sure that any building, restoring and maintenance project goes without a flaw. RestoraRoof will work closely with you and use the highest quality products from top brands, such as Dulux Acra-Tex, to ensure that you are satisfied with each and every solution. After all, this is your project, and we are here to facilitate the completion of your dream project.


How RestoraRoof can make a difference?

RestoraRoof is driven by our customers, and we make sure that the customer’s satisfaction is put above everything else. We don’t cut corners when it comes to planning roofing solution- and that’s what makes us stand out within this cut-throat industry. Our goal is to deliver sustainable building solutions for your project, and we will spend as much time on it as necessary. We are not motivated by profits, we are motivated by our customers, and the unique challenges their building requirements bring to our team.

If you’re looking for roof restorations, roof cleaning and roof repairs or any other roofing service for that matter that is long-term and developed with real-world research done by experienced professionals passionate about their work, you have come to the right place. As proud as we are about our past, and the work we’ve done, we still have our eyes on the future and the developments it brings. It’s towards this goal that our research and development team tirelessly works. Every day, we improve the products and processes used by the manufacturing and building industries. We have a long history of being pioneers within the roofing world- and your project will certainly be in the most capable hands.