Why high pressure clean your roof?

Health – For those of us that aren’t aware, that green / black tinge that appears on your roof and those round motley circles’ are forms of mould. Periodically millions of microscopic spores are released from this mould. Sometimes the only sign of a problem is persistent ill health of the buildings occupants, such as headaches, nausea, respiratory symptoms, etc. It is now common knowledge that mouldy buildings can present a serious health risk to occupants. A leading cause of asthma. And here most of us are living under a perfect mould farm.

Captured Water Quality – Are you on tank water??? Is your tank water making you or your family sick??? The quality of your captured rain water depends greatly on the cleanliness of your roof. So does the cleanliness of your water tank. When the captured water is not clean, it reduces the life of your pumps and filters and requires the tank to be cleaned out more regularly. Not to mention drinking,showering or spraying your garden with all the mould spores that are trapped in the water because once the water dries up the mould spores become air born once again.  Dulux 962 Roof Membrane is designed for safe collection of drinking water.

Aesthetics – When you look at your house, one of the main encompassing features is your roof, the condition & cleanliness of your roof says a lot about the condition & cleanliness of your house, you might be used to the look of it and not take any notice, but when other people look at hour house these things are obvious.

Previously Painted Roofs- It is important that a roof that has been previously painted is cleaned thoroughly with a very good high pressure cleaner, using a cheap one from bunnings or ebay is not going to get the job done.  Usually we are called in after a person has had one of those cheap cowboy jobs done so we have to remove as much of the  peeling, cracking or just braking down paint as humanly possible.  If your roof wasn’t painted all that long ago and was done by a professional and you are just after  a colour change than it may not be possible to remove much paint at all.  But at Restoraroof we have the big machines that most companies don’t have to remove old paint work and give you a warranty worth something.  Only Dulux will give you a warranty on a previously painted roof BUT they will only guarantee that it will stick to what it has been painted to, so if you were painting over old paint it will guarantee it will stick to that paint not that the old paint will stick to the tile, so it is essential that your roof is cleaned thoroughly..

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