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Get a skilled Colorbond painter to make sure the job is done right

There are so many aspects to consider when painting a metal Colorbond roof. It is not worth using an unskilled painter to save a few dollars when you may end up with an unsightly roof that ruins the look of your Sydney home.

Restoraroof’s Colorbond painting services are the best on the market today. Our specialist painters know exactly what they are doing and can handle any number of situations to deliver quality results when painting your Colorbond roof.

Colorbond painting takes time, effort and experience – don’t risk an amateur job

Here are just a few examples of some of the more complex techniques our Sydney Colorbond painters may have to utilise on any given job:

  • Having to convert rusty screw heads before painting so rust does not bleed through the paint.
  • If a roof needs a coating of an epoxy like Durabuild STE from Dulux on a roof to combat existing rust ruining the paint.
  • Keeping a wet edge at all times when spraying to avoid join marks.

A shoddily painted roof is something you will regret every time you pull into your driveway so don’t take the risk; call Restoraroof today now for any job from Blue Mountain to Castle Hill to the Northern Beaches on 1800 61 00 11, or fill out our online form to hear back from one of our roof restoration experts about our experienced Colorbond painting services.