We offer the following:

  • driveways
  • pavements
  • concrete
  • Timber decking

What are the benefits of sealing?

Sealer allows improved clean-ability of the surface. Staining is reduced, and any stains that do occur are more easily removed or fixed. When the correct sealer is used on new surfaces it may also aid curing the concrete. Decorative concrete should always be sealed on the day it is placed as it helps cure and protect the surface.

What happens if the pavement is not sealed?

Decorative concrete should always be sealed as it may absorb moisture and result in white patches or in some cases, delamination. Unsealed decorative concrete surfaces will still be serviceable but may stain more easily. Sealer stains less readily than concrete and if it does stain it is a lot easier to clean or fix than unsealed concrete.

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