Prevention is better than cure

When gutters get blocked water flowing down the roof has no where to go, it builds up in the gutters and flows over the edge. The inside edge is the lower edge – this means water flows into your roof cavity, sitting on top of your ceilings and running down interior & exterior walls. This water can cause expensive damage and create major electrical and fire hazards.


Rotting debris and the moist climate generated inside gutters is a perfect place for vermin to live and breed, not to mention the health hazards generated from stagnant water sitting in blocked gutters.


Gutters containing debris harbour dampness and create the perfect environment for corrosion of your gutters, basically keeping them clean is keeping them dry and free from potentially damaging moisture.

Clean Water In Your Tank

Clean gutters means clean water in your tank and more water in your tank. Any blockages means you loose valuable water over the edge of your gutters and not in your tank. Clean water in your tank also means less filter and pump maintenance. Lengthening the life of your water harvesting equipment.

Warning: Insurance will not pay out!

Property managers are aware of the importance of gutter cleanliness, but for those of us that are not, here is some very valuable information:

If a house suffered fire or water damage due to blocked gutters, insurance will simply not pay out. Gutter Cleaning is an integral part of any property’s maintenance.

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