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Complete service of new and old bricks, using only manufacturers specifications on chemicals and pressure. Most pressure & acid wash should be performed by a professional and not by the handyman; it is possible to badly damage brickwork by using incorrect procedure and/or chemicals. To fully complete the cleaning process a neutralizer is applied before completion to avoid stains and formation of salts from re-surfacing. For old bricks, chemicals and a very low pressure method is used to restore & bring back to life the true colours of their original condition, taking extreme care that surface is not damage..

If you haven’t ever tried to clean brick before, then make sure you get the proper pressure cleaning equipment and cleaners for brick. Otherwise, you will quickly find out that non-commercial pressure cleaners won’t remove built-up dirt and grime very well and the work rate of this level of equipment will require many hours of your time to complete a whole house washing. You will also find that pointing the wand in a sharp upward or downward angle leaves lots of debris on the brick’s surface due to its rough texture.