Roof Cleaning: 3 Things to Remember

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Regular roof cleaning and maintenance is important to keep your roof as well as your home in good shape for years and years. When it comes to roof restorations, remember that in addition to services such as roof painting and roof repairs, roof cleaning is also an important part of restorations. Any type of roofing can start deteriorating because of the accumulation of waste, algae and dirt on it.  This can eventually damage your roof; thus, compromising the integrity of your home.

Therefore, to avoid costly roof repairs and replacement, opting for roof cleaning at regular intervals is very essential. A trusted roof restoration company, such as RestoraRoof, can provide you top-notch roof cleaning services with cutting-edge tools and proven techniques. They will make your roof brand new again within no time at all. Let’s have a look at some effective ways professionals use to clean your roof.


Effective Methods for Roof Cleaning

The method of roof cleaning suitable for your particular roof depends on the type of your roof and roofing problems you might be facing. For instance black patches caused by algae can be removed by several methods. Pressure washing is an effective option for you if you have tiled or metal roof. On the other hand, chemical washing is suitable for almost all types of roofing. Chemical washing is done with the help of chlorine or sodium hydroxide solutions.

Let’s have a look at some important things you should keep in mind if you’ve decided to infuse a new life into your roof with roof cleaning services.

  1. Choose a trusted roof cleaning company: Remember that the final results depend on the skills and experience of roof cleaning Make sure that they have all the latest tools, cleaning products and techniques to accomplish the job with perfection.
  1. Roof cleaning is affordable: Roof cleaning services offered by reliable companies such as RestoraRoof are quite affordable. Getting these services on regular basis also ensures that you won’t have to spend huge money on roof repairs or replacement any time soon.
  1. Importance of Roof inspections: There are certain roof problems, such as algae growth that may not be visible some times. So, it’s important to carry out roof inspections with the help of experts at regular intervals. Since prevention is always better than cure, roofing professionals will also advise you on some effective preventive measures to can avoid a number of roofing issues in future too.


For more information on roof cleaning and other roof restoration services, get in touch with RestoraRoof today!

3 Mistakes to Avoid In Roofing Installation and Roof Repairs

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There are many mistakes that homeowners make when it comes to roof repairs and installations. For instance choosing an inexperienced contractor at a lower price; thinking that buying materials on their own will save them money and even trying to install their roofing themselves by following some dubious DIY guides.

It’s important to weigh your options and make an informed decision before making any kind of investment including your home or getting roof restoration services to maintain your roof. So, make sure to avoid following mistakes while getting roof repairs and installation services.

  1. Starting a big roof restoration project on your own– Unless you are a roofing expert, it’s better to call professionals for any type of roof repairs or installations. Roof repair is a complex and dangerous task. Even people who attempt such tasks on their own have to call professionals at some point of time when they realise their mistake. No doubt, you can save a few dollars in the beginning, but this can prove to be very costly in the long run. With experience and right skill-set, professional roof restoration experts can provide you cost-efficient and flawless roofing solutions.
  1. Purchasing materials on your own: While it’s true that comparing prices at different shops and going for the best deal is a great way to save money, but as far as roofing is concerned, a trusted company can get you cheapest prices for the best quality material. Secondly, they will buy material in precise quantities to avoid wastage. Professional companies have long running relationships with trustworthy suppliers, so they are in a position to get you most competitive prices.
  1. Installing a wrong product – There are certain products that can cause more damage to your specific roof than any good. After all, not all roofing products are suitable for all types of roofs. So, make sure to consult with a reliable roof restoration expert to know what roofing products will suit your needs the best.

If you suspect any problem with your roof, do not hesitate to contact one the best roof restoration experts in Australia, RestoraRoof today.



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Terracotta Roof Painting

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It is but normal for us people to want to change our surroundings. This is especially true when it comes to our homes. As they say, home is where the heart is, and we’d like to make it as comfortable and beautiful as we possibly can. This is why we keep moving furniture around the house, adding a bit of detail here and there or hanging a lovely painting to serve as the living room’s focal point. When it comes to the exterior of the house, changes are usually achieved by improving our landscaping and gardens, or by painting the house’s exterior walls. We even engage in roof painting as well.

Most types of roofs can be painted with ease or with very little trouble such as in the case of colorbond roof painting. However, other types of roof will need more consideration before the roof painting project is undertaken like in the case of terracotta roofs.


Unglazed Terracotta Roof Tiles

Terracotta clay tiles are porous, and this makes them prone to damages caused by salt and wind and erosion. This is especially true in the case of unglazed terracotta tiles. Many people actually like unglazed terracotta tiles because of the natural look and appeal. They will require regular cleaning and maintenance though, since they lack the glazed coating that offers additional protection for them. If you want to change the color of your unglazed terracotta roof tiles, it is possible (though many people still prefer the reddish brown hue or the original color – perhaps because perhaps of the Mediterranean appeal it gives to their homes).


Glazed Terracotta Roof Tiles

While other prefer the original look and appeal of unglazed terracotta roof tiles, some property owners will eventually have their roofs glazed. This is because the glaze can help to protect the roof tiles from weather elements, and therefore increase their longevity and improve their functions. It is still possible to repaint or recolor the tiles, but they should be cleaned very well first before doing so. A deep cleaning may be necessary especially in roof laden moss. Moss and algae have very tiny roots that can burrow into the porous surface of the terracotta roof tiles, and they should be removed before any roof painting project is undertaken. In some cases, using an etching solution may be necessary to prepare the roof for painting.



Again terracotta roof tiles are porous and more fragile than other types of roofing materials. In this case, a high pressure airless application is a better roof painting option since this helps to prevent any flaking or clumping. Brushes and rollers are not recommended since they do not guarantee a clean and smooth effect.

Although terracotta roofs can be repainted, it is still best to have them replaced with new ones. Talk to a professional roofer to check if your terracotta roof tiles are worth painting and saving, but in the case where the damage is extreme, it is still best to have them replaced. If you are in need of roof painting services, please feel free to get in touch with us at 1800 61 00 11 or leave a message in our contact page.

Roof Restorations for Concrete Roof Tiles

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In many cases, concrete roofing are not cleaned very often, and in the rare instance that they do get cleaned, it is often only when the need to re-seal or repaint them is called for.


Choosing Quality Concrete Roof Tiles

There are many manufacturers of concrete roof tiles, and choosing which among them to patronize can be a challenge. Remember that roofing is an expensive investment, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth by buying only quality concrete tiles that will last you for many years to come. When you choose the wrong manufacturer or roofing contractor, you’re going to end up with a poorly performing roof that will give you headaches – for many years to come.


Concrete Roof Tiles Deteriorate Over Time

However, even concrete roof tiles of high quality do deteriorate over time. This may be caused by accidental damages like tree branches falling on roofs, or by normal wear and tear. Concrete tiles are supposed to be hard and durable, especially after it cures and hardens. The general idea is that concrete tiles will take about twelve months from date of manufacture to completely cure, so before buying and having concrete tiles installed, be sure that they are of the right curing age. When they are installed before they are completely cured, they may result in structural defects, and although these defects may not be obvious during the earlier years after installation, they will definitely manifest themselves in the years to follow. In many cases, this will require roof restorations practices in order to protect and preserve them and the whole roofing structure.


Temperature and Oxidation

Temperatures also play a role in the longevity and structural soundness of concrete tiles. In general, good quality concrete tiles will be able to withstand 120 degrees of surface temperature, and though the regular temperatures 30 degrees, roofs still take a beating from the sun’s heat. The effect of acid rain will further add to the damage and render concrete roofs in need of roof restorations.

In the long run, the surface of concrete tiles will oxidize and leave behind the sand components of the tiles exposed. This results to powdery substances that wash away during heavy rains, or become eroded over time. What’s worse is that these powdery substances gets washed into the roof’s gutters, and therefore causing blockages or water damming that can lead to a whole lot of other roofing problems.

It is therefore important to have concrete roofs restored whenever possible. This does not only ensure that your concrete roof looks good, but it also helps to ensure that you will have a beautiful, functional roof for years to come. If you are in need of roof restorations services, feel free to get in touch with us at 1800 61 00 11 or leave a message in our contact page.